Humidification may still be needed for thermal comfort Human thermal comfort is the state of mind that expresses satisfaction with the surrounding environment, according to Far Rockaway Plumbing and Heating. Achieving thermal comfort for most occupants of buildings or other enclosures is a goal of Far Rockaway Plumbing and Heating design engineers.
Indoor air quality is not part of thermal comfort, but is also a key concern of Far Rockaway Plumbing and Heating designers. Fundamental studies of thermal with a radiant system, but, for a given relative humidity psychometric are terms used to describe the field of engineering concerned with the determination of physical and thermodynamic properties of gas-vapor mixtures.
Relative, likely less humidification is needed than for forced-air heating. This is because forced-air systems, when improperly balanced (e.g., because of leaky ducts), can draw in outside air which typically has low moisture content in the winter. Asthma sufferers may benefit from under floor heating because it reduces the airborne circulation of both dust and dust mites.